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La Mante - Truy Vết Sát Nhân - Tập 2/6

Danh mục: Hành động | Âu Mỹ | Bí ẩn | Kinh dị | Tội phạm | Trinh Thám

Quốc gia: Pháp

Năm khởi chiếu: 2018

Diễn viên: Carole Bouquet | Fred Testot | Manon Azem | Pascal Demolon | Frédérique Bel

Đánh giá IMDB: 0.00 (0 phiếu bình chọn) (0 lượt xem)

Nội dung phim

In Paris, police search for a psychopath whose murders are inspired by Jeanne Deber, known as "The Mantis", a famous serial killer who terrorised the country 25 years ago. Jeanne Deber offers her expertise to the police in order to help hunt the copycat. Placed in solitary confinement since her arrest, "The Mantis" has one condition: to deal only with Detective Damien Carrot, her estranged son. Damien has no choice, for a serial killer is on the loose and could strike anytime, anywhere in Paris.

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